Preparation of documentation and technical manuals for operation, maintenance and internal safety, spare parts books, parts catalogues, DM management or IETP module, etc. Documentation according to S1000D standards. SGML/XML for incorporation into logistics systems and also document layout.

We adapt to different standards



Project description:

In 2019, PERAMA carried out the conversion of catalogues and technical manuals according to the specifications of the ASC S1000D standard for Ejército de Tierra (JAEMALE – Jefatura de Asuntos Económicos del Mando de Apoyo Logístico del Ejército). 

These works include:

  • Conversion of catalogues and technical manuals to ASD S1000D standards
  • Data and image updates of the illustrated catalogue (CATAILUS) of the ET’s integrated cataloguing system (SICET)

PERAMA scope of works:

Conversion of technical documentation to S1000D standard.


Project description: In 2020, PERAMA developed several technical documentation works for EM&E, a company specialised in the Aeronautics and Defence sectors. Among these are:
  • Elaboration of operation and maintenance manuals in S1000D standard (with illustrated catalogue)
  • Elaboration of PIDAS (Initial Support Proposal) for the Remote Weapon Control Station (RWS) SENTINEL 12.7
  • Elaboration of spare parts manuals for the Remote Weapon Control Station (RWS) SENTINEL 12.7
  • NATO cataloguing of elements of the Remote Weapon Control Station (RWS) SENTINEL 12.7
PERAMA scope of works: Preparation of technical manuals, PIDAS and Cataloguing. Adaptation of documentation to S1000D standard.


Project description: Between 2018 and 2020, PERAMA worked on the development of operational and maintenance technical manuals for Navantia’s Engine Factory in Cartagena. Among these are:
  • MMPP KSA maintenance manual
  • DDGG KSA maintenance manual
  • MMPP KSA operation manual
  • DDGG KSA operation manual
  • MMPP and DDGG KSA spare parts cataloguing
PERAMA scope of works: Elaboration of technical manuals and cataloguing of spare parts of KSA Corvettes MMPP and DDGG.


Project description: Over the last few years, PERAMA has developed works of technical documentation for the Technological Areas & DTI department of INDRA, Spanish company of consultancy services on transport, defence, energy, telecommunications or financial services, among others. The main scope of these works has been:
  • Elaboration of technical documents for several systems (F110 – Radar System, IFF, IRST, etc.; NH90, etc.) according to COMSSIC standard.
  • S1000D documentation
  • Elaboration of ICNs
  • Elaboration of DMRLs
  • Generation of DataModules (DM)
  • Elaboration of technical illustrations
  • etc.
PERAMA scope of works: Technical documentation and S1000D conversion.


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