Original software program with over 13 years of constant development.

It has grown to become a global and integrated maintenance management system.

Advantage: Adaptable to the client’s needs.

With SIMAN, assets are managed increasing their efficiency and availability. As a result, the productivity of your business increases.

Modules: Configuration Tree, Maintenance, Warehouses, Orders, Personnel, GSR


Effective information management eases the operation of your business. Organise all information related to your assets (buildings, vessels, etc.) in the most convenient way.


The planning of maintenance tasks is essential to increase the availability of your facilities. Control the performance of maintenance on your equipment in the most convenient way.


Controlling and organising your inventories reduce costs and optimise space. Keep the necessary information for the classification and control of your articles and tools.


Contact with your suppliers is essential for the development of your business. Speed up the purchasing process, creating needs, approving orders and following up with your suppliers.


A better organisation of your staff makes it easier to run your business. Organise your staff information (certificates, identity documents, etc.) and generate reports about your staff.


The management and follow-up of inspections, accident reports and risk analysis is essential for the smooth running of your company.
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Project description:

Naviera Armas is a leader in Spain and a reference in the European sector of passengers and ro-ro cargo maritime transport. With 40 ships connecting the main ports of four contries, in 2012 the company relied on the services of PERAMA for the implementation of a management system to control the configuration of ships, maintenace and purchases into the whole Canary Island fleet.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of SIMAN with SIMAN Maintenance and SIMAN Purchases modules in 14 ships.

SASEMAR – Salvamento Marítimo

Project description:

The Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Society, also known as SASEMAR, is the public bussines entity in charge of maritime safety in Spanish waters. Its main tasks include carrying out search and rescue operations, combating marine pollution and controlling traffic in specific areas.

SASEMAR has relied on PERAMA’s services on several occasions over the last few years, having currently implemented a software for the management of configuration, maintenance, personnel, warehouses, suppliers and orders in a large number of its ships.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of SIMAN platform with SIMAN Maintenance and SIMAN Purchases modules in a total of 14 rescue tugs and 55 “salvamares”.

IEO – Instituto Español de Oceanografía

Project description:

The current mission of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), a national centre of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is the investigation and technological development of the sea and its resources, for wich it has a fleet of 10 ships.

PERAMA has carried out the implementation of a software in purpose to allow the IEO:

  • The centralised management of all technical information of equipment and systems.
  • Exhaustive knowledge of the operating and maintenace costs of each ship.
  • Control and supervision of responsibilities associated to certain tasks.
  • Systematic collection and updating of onboard inventories and their valuation
  • Standardisation of reports and operating procedures at IEO level on its vessels.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of SIMAN, with SIMAN Maintenance and SIMAN Purchasesn modules in 5 ships chartered by Bilbao Plaza Marítima.

MVN Arquitectos

Project description:

MVN Arquitectos has become an expert in BIM technology (Buildind Information Modeling), being the first using it to carry out their work in 2007.

Among its more relevant projects is the restoration of gardens and the Counts of Villagonzalo’s Palace, where MVN Arquitectos has relied the implementation of a FM software by PERAMA.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of FM SIMAN as FM software integrating the 3D BIM model with Tridium SCADA.


Project description:

The Port of Ceuta is one of the main ports connecting the southern coast of the Strait of Gibrartar with the northern shore, and the only Spanish port located on the African mainland, together with Melilla.

In order to carry out the port’s incidents management , PERAMA has implemented a software that can be used by both the technical operators and the port police to report their daily reports, order lists, etc.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of SIMAN software with incidents portal.

HLA – Hispano-Lusitana de Aviación

Project description:

Hispano-Lusitana de Aviación, better known as HLA, is an organisation dedicated to aircraft maintenance incluiding specialized technical services, leader in Spain.

In 2007, PERAMA carried out the implementation of a software to manage work orders, warehouse inventory and orders control for aircraft maintenance.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of SIMAN with SIMAN Maintenance and SIMAN Purchases modules.


Project description:

The global food company, Calvo Group, specialised in canned fish, is present in more than 60 countries and has a fleet of 12 vessels operating in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Within the process of renovation in which the group is immersed, the last incorporation has been the tuna fishing vessel Monteraiola, where PERAMA has been in charge of the implementation of a software for the configuration and maintenance management.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of SIMAN platform on the vessel with SIMAN Maintenance module.


Project description:

Navantia, the Spanish benchmark company within design and construction of military and civil ships, has entrusted PERAMA with the integration of the USV vendaval in the SIMAN platform belonging to the Port of Ceuta to carry out the management of preventive and corrective maintenance and inventories.

PERAMA scope of works:

Elaboration of the configuration tree, preventive maintenance plan, material master and inventory, and data upload into the SIMAN platform.


Project description:

Delgado Selección is a benchmark in gourmet products distribution, dedicating its activity both to their production, marketing and distribution at national and international level.

PERAMA has developed for Delgado Selección the implementation of a software at its headquarters for the management of regular inspections and maintenance of its fleet of trucks.

PERAMA scope of works:

Implementation of SIMAN platform with SIMAN Maintenance module.


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